Q: What is your turnaround time?
A: Turnaround time is 48-Hours or your money back.  It's usually shorter than that.

Q: I need an album done sooner than that.  Can you accommodate?
A: If you need an album done in a jiffy, select "Rush Design" on the submission form.  There's an extra charge to place you in front of the queue but you'll get the initial layout within 24 hours, or your money back.

Q: Which Album Companies do you support?
A: We support the following Album Companies (the list is growing).

  • ASA Books
  • Black River Imaging
  • Black Smith Albums
  • Blurb (Metric)
  • Blurb - USA
  • Couture Book
  • Extrema
  • Finao
  • Folio Albums
  • Forbeyon
  • Graphistudio
  • Hitech Albums
  • Jiggy Albums
  • KISS Books
  • Konpoli
  • Laguna Albums
  • Leather Craftsmen
  • Leuxo
  • Loktah
  • Loxley Colour
  • Madera Books
  • McKenna Pro
  • Miller's Lab
  • Pictobooks
  • ProDPI
  • QtAlbums
  • RedTree Albums
  • Renaissance Albums
  • The Boudoir Album
  • SIA Albums
  • Vision Art
  • WHCC
  • West Coast Albums 

Q: Do you outsource?
A: We do NOT outsource our album design.  All our designers are creatives here in the States.  Not from a design farm overseas.

Q: What if we don't want to deal with the proofing process?
A: One cool thing about our service is that it can free you up from being a "middleman" between us and your clients during the proofing process.  If you select "Direct Proofing" when you submit a job, not only you will get an awesome proofing site (powered by Fundy Album Proofer), we will also interface with your clients and will notify you once job is approved.

Q: What kind of designs do you offer?
A:  Our design can be considered minimalist/contemporary.  Simple designs that highlight YOUR photography, and not the layout.  Our simple album designs work with any style of photography.

Q: What file format will we the final layout be?
A: We will provide you with hi-res jpgs.  In the future you will have the option to receive PSD files.

Q: I like embellishments on my design, is this something you can do?
A: In order for us to make the turnaround time, we keep our design simple.  If you wish to add your own embellishments, we will be offering PSD files in the future in addition to Hi-Res JPGs.  Stay tuned for it!

Q: Is it safe for me to pay via your site?
A: Yes!  During the payment process, you will be automatically redirected to PayPal's secure site where you can complete your payment.  You will be redirected back to our site once payment is complete.  We do not store any Credit Card information on our sites.

Q: Do I need to know the bleed, trim and safe lines for my album company?
A: No need to worry about all that techinical specs.  Just specify your album company and the size, we'll take care of the rest! 

Q: Which file format do we need to submit?
A: For faster service, we'd like for all your files to be in .JPG, 300DPI, File Name in chronological order and Zipped.

Q: Why do we have to zip the files?
A: A Zip file guarantees that we receive ALL the files we need - just in case the upload process gets interrupted for whatever reason.

Q: How many files should I send you?
A: This is entirely up to you.  However, we will use all the files you sent us on the design.  We will notify you if we receive an unusual amount of files in ratio to the number of spreads you ordered.  As a general rule of thumb, we advise you to send a no more than 7 images per spread.  The less photos, the cleaner the design looks.

Q: Why does it take forever to upload?
A: There could be a number of factors affecting this.  Check how much files/data you're uploading to our system.  This could also be affected by your allotted bandwidth - upload speeds are normally much slower than download speeds.

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