ContempoAlbums is proud to offer our "Direct Proofing" service.  With Direct Proofing, our designers will work directly with your clients on the proofing and revision process.  This frees you up from being the "middleman" in the proofing process.  

Here's how it works:

  1. You submit an order and select "Direct Proofing" and provide us with your client's name, email address and the maximum number of revisions you want us to perform.
  2. Once our designer is done with the first draft, we will notify your client and give him/her a link to the proofing site.  We give them links to tutorials and how-to's on the proofing process.
  3. During the proofing process, we will only contact you IF your client wants to use a photo that is not on the initial set you gave us.
  4. Once your client gives the final approval, we will notify you and give you a link to the Hi-Res layout files.
  5. BOOM.  DONE.

We use Fundy Album Proofer as our proofing site so you can rest assured that your clients see a professional site that matches your business.