ContempoAlbums Design Guide

We consider your album as a storybook.  When building your album layout, we strive to tell a story - and a good story needs to have a good introduction, a body and a refreshing ending.  Our designers also analyze the images to better tell the story.  

We accomplish all this by employing these guidelines (unless otherwise specified) when designing your album.  Although these aren't hard and fast rules, this is how we achieve consistency in our designs.


  • White or black backgrounds, depending on what the layout calls for.
  • If you wish for your albums to have an image as a background, or to use a solid color, please let us know via the order form.


  • We only use keylines if we feel the design calls for it.
  • We use 2-Point Strokes as default.  Let us know if you prefer thicker keylines.
  • Black Strokes on B&W Images.
  • We sometimes use the event/wedding colors as keylines, if the design calls for it.
  • We avoid keylines on layouts with images that span to the bleed line.
  • If you have any particular requests re: keylines, please let us know via the order form.


  • We avoid mixing B&W and colored images on the same spread.
  • We avoid mixing Sepia Toned and colored images on the same spread.
    • Exception:  If there's not enough images to fix one spread.


  • We will only crop photos if we see any distracting elements that do not contribute to the story or image.


  • We will scale images to make the perspective and head sizes consistent when dealing with a series of images (i.e. procession, recession, family portraits, etc.)


  • We DO NOT straighten images.  A lot of photographers have a deliberate tilt on their images.  We will not assume that a sloping needs to be leveled.  We assume that the images you give us are already leveled according to your taste.